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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Depressing Thoughts

I guess you will do more thinking when you're getting older.

kalau rase mcm xnak stress xyah bace entry ni hahaha.

Few depressing thoughts that came in mind lately:

What can i do as part of the community? kalau bende sekeliling pun xbleh tolong how can i help people around the world. Just how?? hopeless

What should i do after graduation? work? where? how? malasnye nak fikir i just dont wanna think about it.

About 2 and a half month before going back to malaysia. Am i ready? of course not. but sooner or later i have to think about this.

Kemas barang nak bawak balek malaysia. Where do i start? nak kene beli ape lagi? buah tgn untuk adik2 hmmm.. everything..

politik kat malaysia is the most annoying thing to think about. yang ni tuduh yang ni and vice versa confuse laaa.. isu lahad datu lagi haih..

Senior design pun sgtla annoying T_T

Lagi 8 hari umur naik setahun. how does a 22 years old teenager should acts? Expectations? oh please dont have high expectation on me i'm not ready hahah

when you lost somebody in your life, hikmahnye turun berat bdn banyak gile hahah. but can't stop thinking what did i do wrong smpai org x appreciate. balasan dosa banyak sgt ke hmmm

before buat ape2 pun dalam dunia ni please ingt org2 yang love us (friends, family, etc.). think on how much they will get hurt if you betray them. bukan senang org nak put trust on us. and paling penting, we still have allah. :')

maybe i should stop cares for other people. not getting anything in reply is ok but getting sth bad in reply is hard. tp nak buat mcm mane kan i cant help it hahahah. sorry guys :p

Nak pegi jalan2 time summer kene pikir budget lagi kene kumpul duit haih i dont know cukup ke duit ni haaaa.. dah malas nak keje penat. kalau x pikir pasal nak jalan2 n shopping memang ak xkeje la kan.

Freckles makin teruk :( insecurity

ok dah. banyak la jugak actually. HAHAHA depressing okay no kidding.

teladan: jgn pikir banyak2 sgt nnti bile tibe mase kene fikir tu fikir jela xke? ntah i dont know hahahah boleh beruban ni.. hmmm

wait.. one more depressing thought, nak makan kuih lapis kacang hijau sgt2 ni weh berair2 mate kalau teringt huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Thursday, December 20, 2012

So Much of Sephora Make-over

Hi again!


So in the previous entry ade cakap pasal sephora free VIB makeover. So I went to Sephora Greenhills for this 45 minutes makeover with aini LOL. And ade sorang makcik ni do my makeup. Sadly die mcm malas2 so from 45 minutes jadi 20 minutes. And I am not really happy with it. I ask her to do a strong eyes with soft lips (*mengada). I like the foundation yang die pakai, Make Up Forever HD, and blusher jugak i think it is also from Make Up Forever. But then eye makeup die x cantik. She used Smashbox Trio Palette:
Okay eye shadow palette ni ok je i think but then makcik tu macam tepek2 je on my eyess pastu mcm kene tumbuk and then comot. T_T Pastu eyeliner die was like aboveee my lashline.. Wayy above T_T Pastu i dont like the lip color yang die pakai jugakkk mcm org mati LOL. So after makcik tu finished i changed my lip color gune trial lipstick kat sephora tu T_T. and kesat2 comot yang makcik tu buat LOL. Oh fyi, as far as i remember, no one ever did my makeup except from me before this. LOL. So this is me after makcik tu do my make up (HAH vain please dont kutuk HAHA):

(like really xstrong pun eyemakeup tu LOL) *senyum senget T_T

Zoom kat mate:
HAAA dahla xblend betul2 LOL.

Pastu smpai bilik my rumate cakap "i think kalau abel buat makeup abel lagi ok dr makcik tu buat" haha. So boleh keje sephora la kan. LOL. Pastu masuk closet kesat eyemakeup die and than buat balek sendiri. *bosan sgt winter break maybe LOL. so i expect makcik sephora do better than this T_T:

Yeayyy Vain lagi T_T sorry kene tgk i vain LOL
 Ok tu je LOL :D

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


A lot of things to update:

My paklong meninggal on Sunday night and i just knew it from my mum. Al-fatihah :(

My younger brother got 8A's for PMR. Congratulations!!! BOMKEBABOM (bunyi mercun)! *is working hard to collect money and buy him a present LOL.

Winter break. Done with my 7th semester. Left with one and then going home for good (Insyaallah). But sad of course. I dont know whether i have any chance to come back here and if i get a chance, it definitely will not be the same without my friends.

Fall semester result was good. Alhamdullillah. Although it wasn't really good but it's enough for me. :)


So today i decided to have a tumblr. LOL. :)

I am going to Orlando visiting Harry Potter on 27th December. Hope it will be fun yeayyy! 

Have started sending out resume but no one replied yet. =.=" That's okay. haha i'm just trying at this moment. 

Few books that i read during this winter break:

My parents cancelled their plan to come here for my graduation. :( But that's okay. *susah kot nak mintak cuti cikgu T_T

I went to holiday light events at Gaylord Opryland. We have fun despite got lost in that freaking big opryland LOL. Few photos:


 *vain moment LOL

I got 4 tickets to Grammy Nomination Concert Live in Nashville for free LOL. Floor tickets YOUALLLZZ.. I was very close to Taylor Swift.. Very very closeeee omg.. And Hunter Hayes! Handsome wa cakap lu! Maroon 5 tooo omg adam lavine so hottt. Few pictures:

AAAAAAAAAA!! very close to the stage actually

*mind blown! I was really excited like jumping kehulu kehilir

There you go taylor swift depan mata T_T


Yesterday i made kuih bakar yeayyy succeed :D

Already bought a bordeaux longchamp le pliage. LOL *stress exam punye pasal T_T

Tomorrow i have a VIB 45 minutes free make over at Sephora. LOL. I'll post the picture of me later (if i remember la lol)

Ok tu je banyak membebel LOL. :)

p/s: On our next step :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Wish List

Random Wish List:

Queen Anne's Revenge Lego. I have been aiming for this since last year :(

Harry Potter book set. I know looser tak bace harry potter lagi. Really want this limited edition book set. I promised myself if i get this book set i will read it haha boleh x mcm tu.

Pandora Bracelet Multi Strand. Cantik :3

Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Sweetest Spell of Japanese Cheesecake


Mcm dah lama xupdate blog :D busy.. senior CHEM E la katekan T_T. Orang lain relax je chem e tunggang terbalek buat keje. At one point i thought i coudn't make it.. Homework melambak.. Lagi 4 hari fall break. That is why kot busy gile suddenly. 

Ok in this blog post i wanna talk about three things:
1. The Sweetest Spell by Suzanne Selfors

Best gile.. Besti gile x tipu.. Cite Fairy Tale about love and chocolate. Come on perempuan mane  xsuke chocolate and fairy tales' love story.. This novel is about Emmeline Thistle, a dirt-scratcher who lived in Flatlands. Die boleh churn cream jadi chocolate terus. Ha tp die ni mcm org susah. Kire mcm unwanted population in the Anglund Kingdom. BEST GILE. I really recommend this book. Nak bace synopsis die click here. *psst: i have the ebook. kalau sape2 nak pm me haha

2. Japanese Cheesecake - The softest cheesecake i ever eat. mcm makan awan. Try la recipe ni. Literally dah 3 kali buat 3 hari berturut2 LOL. 

3. And aritu ade carnival VenUe by VPB. Dapat lucky draw nordstrom giftcard $50 YATTTAAAA! tp xtau nak beli ape lagi haha. 

Ok tu je BABAI 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I, Mona Lisa

"I apologize for my brazenness. 
It is desperation to see you again that makes me so. I remain" 
- Giuliano de' Medici

Thursday, August 2, 2012

No More Shopping

Ade beberapa hari perasaan dan fikiran stress x menentu. So shopping untuk menceriakan hati. membazir je. tobat xnk shopping dah. Tp nak buat haul skit barang2 shopping time stress. kire beauty haul la jugak sbb sume brg2 mcm tu je hahaha

1. UD Naked Palette 

2. UD Naked 2 Palette T_T (ok xdela beli on the same day as naked palette kan melampau tu haha)

3. GIVENCHY Noir Couture Mascara (Sephora 100 points punye tebus2 tu)

Oh2 tinggal 64 dollar lagi nak jadi VIB yeay. 

4. Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation 

Nordstrom anniversary sale so dpt gift card from hautelook and xtau harge brape, pastu pegi tebus rupenye ade $20 and i have two of them so total $40. Kalau xde gift card ni memang xla nak beli foundation ni. skang ni sayang nak pakai LOL

5. 5 Bath and Body Work punye Shower Gel. 

These are 4 of them. memang berbulan aa xbeli sabun mandi. ade offer beli 3 percuma due so beli jela lol