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Saturday, December 17, 2011

My After Final Beauty Haul

YEAYYYY Finally DONE WITH FINALSSSSSSSS.... ya allah tuhan je tau seksa gile nak abeskan :(( ngn pchem mngarut tah pape.. ok.. i don't really care hmmm (although i should care).. lol..

And i'm getting excited.. 1 more days and then Cali.. :D ohh my god.. excited tp cam xcukup time nak packing2 sume so i think i want to start kemas2 bilik buat laundry tonight.. since bilik cam kapal karam sebab final.. lol..

and as usual, after finals.. mestila pegi klua meronggeng shopping ke kan.. hehehe.. actually tujuan utama kitorang klua sebab nak beli hadiah kakak mimie :) for her 21st birthday hehe


sambil2 tu beli la brg skit untuk diri sendiri.. so this is my little shopping haul hohoh.. x banyak pon :) 

1) Lipstick from Sephora. Color: Rouge 

At first i wanna buy YSL lipstick but it is too expensive for a lipstick. :((( tp texture die sgt besssttt :(( xpe2.. i'll buy it when i have money.. :) so instead of buying the YSL lipstick, i search for almost a similar shade from sephora with the one that i want fromYSL. hehe so nila hasilnye.. a very softt kind off pink nude color i guess hehe..

2) Banana Shampoo from the Body Shop

Reviews for this shampoo is so good so i thought i wanna try it. and finally i got it.. i'm sort of lucky since this is the only one left in The Body Shop at Greenhills hehe.. ok dah try pun.. bau die macam fried banana mule2 tp bile dah pakai xpunnn bau die comel jeeeeeeee pastu very2 soft heheheeheee....

3) Hand Cream, Body Butter and Lip Roll also from The Body Shop

since body shop have bought 2 free 2 offer today, so i thought i wanna get 3 more product from them.. haaa hehe.. so i got a lip roll (rose).. it is more like a moisturizer but the texture is weird.. macam oily and ade something like biji2.. it doesn't feel really good on my lips but it really does moisturize your lips though.. hehe.. Next one is mango body butter.. omg yang ni best.. it smells good.. bau comel2 camtu hehe.. excited!!.. ok lastly i got a wild rose hand cream.. bau rose best gileeeee and soft gileeeee cooll2 hehe.. 

4.Lancome Bienfait Multi-Vital SPF-30 Sunscreen

ok i didn't got this today.. but just to add some reviews.. since i've been using Lancome facial wash and serum, so i bought this kind off moisturizer with SPF-30 from them.. Ok this moisturizer is really awesomeeeee.. to be honest, i don't wear my facial mask and scrub my face about 3 weeks.. busy ngn final sume.. but since i wear this, my skin feels really soft.. and also helped reducing my dark spot. :) and with this purchase, i got this body cream as a free sample: 

this is too big for a SAMPLE omg.. thanks lancome.. hehe.. bau besttt and really soft tu.. since now is winter and kulit kering2, memang bagusla dpt free ni hehe.. 

ok pastu aritu i got NYX punye lip cream yang warne cam maktam2 skit tp i already know how to make it less "maktam" lol (racist -.-").. pakai lip cream tu ngan revlon super lustrous lip gloss in shade peach petal.. haa.. so warne die jadi cam cupcakes sikit.. hehe.. oo btw adilah give me her NYX lip cream sebab she doesn't like the color.. but actually it is better than mine.. worst gile dpt warne addis ababa ni.. adilah punye in shade milan :).. 
yang left tu adilah bg.. yang right tu yang i got.. haha THANKS DILAHHHHH :)

haha that's all i got for today :) see u next time :)

p/s: pening xboleh bawak liquid memanyak naik flight -.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Only 2 finals left..


ok2 saba2.. ok sok final seperation.. waktu2 camni yang penting salin cheat sheet yang berguneee ketika exam esok.. 

bismillah, ya allah, permudahkanlah bgiku untuk menjawab soalan peperiksaan, hanya kepadamu tempat aku berserah dan memohon pertolongan kerana engkaulah yang maha mengtahui.. aminnn

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Finals.. nooo!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
  aminn... :)
p/s: dimulakan dengan bismillah, disudahi dengan alhamdulillah

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Unboxing my glam bag!! YAYY :))

Hiiii sumeee...

Ok today i just got my myglam bag from excited! So here are some review of the products that i got for this month myglam bag :)

1) The packaging is awesomeeee...

2) The make up bag is awesome too.. with a postcard from michelle phan or whatever haha

3) product details.. hmmm 

4) ok here is the fun part.. 1st product is from Mai couture.. 
Best: It is a full size product (100 sheets) and the paper is really soft.. and it smells good too (lavender) 
Unlike: Why did i got a blotting paperrrr???? I want blush paperr laa.. i got only one sample of blush paper yang kat tepi tu T_T kecewa

5) 2nd product is from NYX..
Best: It is a full size soft matte lip cream (i think it is a full size product lol).. ok
Unlike: I don't like the color.. ugly! -.-"

5)3rd product is from Urban Decay
Best: again.. a full size sin eye shadow from urban decay :) mende ni asek sold out je 
Unlike: warne die x terang :(( 

Ok ni gmba NYX ngn sin by Urban Decay on my skin.. 
ok yang sin tu xnmpak langsung, belah kiri.. yang NYX tu terang sgt pulok T_T

6) Next is from Urban Decay too

Best: finally i got one urban decay primer potion
Unlike: old packaging, and small.. but i don't really care

7) and the last one is from tarte..
Best: SUPERB!!!!! the best mascara i have ever had.. bleh la beli past ni
Unlike: sebab not a full size product haha

Ok tuje.. hehehe

p/s: skang tgh kecewa timesheet xde nak gaji nak gaji nak gaji nak gaji!!!!!!!!!! :((((((((

Friday, November 18, 2011


Hi everybody...

Mood: Sad
Source: Game of Throne :((
Reason: Khal Drogo is dead :((((((((
Why?: He was killed by an ugly witch.. and not in war.. 

I feels like crying everytime i watch this. :(

Farewell Khal Drogo~~~~~ 

btw.. Jason Momoa osem gile sebab leh bawak character ni dgn baik.. :)) you guys should watch this. osem gileee.. plot die menarik.. Warning: Violent and quite dirty (skip je part bukan2 tu..) 

p/s: Dothraki language for your beloved one.. 
shekh ma shieraki anni of man, the loved one (my sun and stars)
jalan atthirari anni of woman, the loved one (the moon of my life)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Red Queen

Hi :)

It have been a very long time since i last updated my blog hik3.. busy sgt lol.. ok just nak update a lil' bit about my life right now.. Junior year memang la busy obviously.. nak bukak blog pun x sempat lol.. :D I have exam every week.. penat gile.. Nah denga lagu skit.. BEG nyanyi live, breathtaking.. :D

Ok recently, I fall in love with this book, The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory. It is a historical novel based on the actual fact, and of course some of them are fiction, obviously the author could not get every detail of the history happened around the year of 1453-1481. This novel also has a very nice time frame. Historical novel always be my favorite and this one really astonishing.. :D I got it from a used book bargain shop at Hillsboro Village and it seems to worth every penny :D..

This book is actually the second one in the Cousin's War series by Philippa Gregory. The first one entitled The White Queen and the third one is The Lady of The River. I will get all of them soon. :D Basically this novel is about Margaret Beaufort, the heiress to the red rose of Lancaster. She had a very hard life with all the loveless marriages she had to bare with men older than her just to make sure that their royal line have heirs. She had a son named Henry Tudor when she was 14 years old from her first marriage with a guy twice older than herself, Edmund Tudor and masterminds the greatest rebellions of the time to get back the throne from the Earl of York who took it by force when her son was only 5 years old from the King of England who was ill at that time although the king had his own 7 years old son, the Prince of Wales. I didn't finish this book yet but i have come to the fun part where the Earl of York got the throne after many wars back to back.  :3.I am so into it and just can't stop reading this novel. Hik3.. If you love this kind of genre, you should give it a try.. :D

p/s: what should i do with this poster (i got it from VandyLan) ? i love this "God of War" game tp takot nak tmpal ni dalam bilik.. ahahha

Till next time, Abel~

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Assalamualaikum sumeee... Haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!

Hehehe.. :) ok baru lepas exam pagi td so hati x senang stress.. nak hilang stress?? guess what?? kite shopping laaa.. maka bergerak la cik abel, cik wani n cik dillot ke greenhills bersama2.. :) Habis duit =_=" tp puas hati.. wanna see what i got???

1. Polo shirt ~red ok~ from Aeropostale ($10) + cute shirt ($3) oyeahhh!!

2. Cute Handbag from charming charlie ($15).. Ok maybe looks weird tp stylo kottt... tgk ni~

   Yes i know. pelik~~ tp cube compare ngan gmba Michelle phan ni.. :D

     Macam envelop je tp comel.. cam stylo.. :D :D :D ooo follow la michelle phan punye website tu.. cool.. and also you might be interested in fashion.. so follow chrisselle website.. Cool gile.. :D Contohnye die punye video ni: 
this video is really cool sebab you can just wear is casually.. bukan kat beach je.. cool gile.. :D 

3. And also i got a belt from Charming Charlie for $10.. dah lame mengidam kotttt... :D 

4. Since my selipar putih tu dah macam belacan..

SUMPAH BELACAN GILE! no more white shoes after this.. serik.. =_="

so i got a new sandal from NY & Co. :) only $6

5. You know that I'm obsessed with make up kan.. so... how about.. bronzer and foundation from body shop for $5 each?? great deal?? I would say "yes" hehehe...

6. Last but not least.. shopping at VS :D

and also small things like hairband from claire's.. :D

OK rase dahlame x shopping pegang beg shopping banyak2 since opry tutup.. :D BAHAGIA.. and under budget woot woot~~~~ :D

Ohhh BTW.. city hunter dah habis kluar sume episod yattaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011



Hi sume.. Just a little update.. :D

Exam due aritu teruk gile macam dah xde harapan xnmpak cahaye pun nak teruskan orgo A ni.. T_T Tp berkat nasihat kawan2, and kesedaran diri.. study gile2 terguling2..

 COMEBACK for exam 3.. omg x sangke gile.. dapat2 paper senyum je memanjang titititititih..


Ok tapi x boleh leka.. nak struggle for final exam this friday.. because i love this comeback feeling and i wish i can do it again! YOSHH!!!! 


Last but not least~~~~



Saturday, July 2, 2011

Shopping Spree!


YUHUUUUUUUUUUUUUU everybadehhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! How are you guys?? cool?? me?? for sure.. haha

Update for this week:
bercampor baur ntah pape exam hari selase hopefully will be fine and follow by final on friday and I was   like whaaaTTT?? in the same week?? Day**m.. HAHA.. struggling..

~Abel is studying~
Me turn to a boy studying orgo T_T

Woot2 dapat gaji nggggeeeeeeeeeee~~~ first ghaji mahshuk woooo.. itu gaji xdela banyak yipun tp boleh la buat tanggung2 dri xyah susahkan ibu ayah.. :D tp masalahnye first ghaji pi shopping lol..

~Abel Walking to Shopping Complex with HER monehhh!!~

Beg kosong je tititititii..

HAAAAAAAAAAA this is the best part kikikikiki.. ok sebab nak relax2 kepale kejap.. klua ngan Wani, Saira, Meon, Aireen, Effy, Paan, n soph2 lain pegi coolspring betape cool nye kitorang nak exam gi shopping.. T_T nnti exam teruk bad mood abel2.. x faham ngan diri sendiri.. Tapi kan.. I didn't spent much. ok.. Beli baju forever 21 banyak x banyak pun 3 helai je.. I got.. A CARDIGAN for $5.99, a JACKET for $7.99 and a SHIRT for $5.99 woot2.. :D hehe and then beli small thing kat VS wohohoho only $3 waa murahnye crying!!!! ok2.. sebenanye ni pun dah tahan diri dari membazir banyak2 sebab i know i need to save some money.. nak pegi jalan2 nnti xde duit camne.. and for future use too.. :D n sebenanye nak beli sephora pallette for $12 but dah habis stock.. kecewa nyeeeeeeeeee... huaaaaaaaa... oh btw it is summer n independence day sale now! that's why brg2 cheap.. :D

~Abel is Shopping With HER Friends~
change this to other color.. we are not black ok.. :D

City HUNTER omg dah episod 12 my god x leh resist nak continue next episode tp belom masuk lagi kene tunggu seminggu T_T.. Lee MIN HO sgtla macho T_T

~Abel is Angau T_T~
Hensemnye T_T
 Ok and the heroin is......

Comel! tp die buat plastic surgery.. Imagining me.. Do plastic surgery.. I'm sorry Park Min Young, but i think i'll win HEHE.. Kalau korang tgk gmba die b4 plastic surgery omg.. beza gile.. tp somehow die dah lawa so xpe.. sedap mate tgk.. :D (*no offense.. I'm not jeles hehe)

Okla nak study.. HEHE tata korang~~~~


Monday, June 27, 2011


Kau tempatku mengadu hati
Memberi segala hidup
dunia dan seisinya milik-Mu
mencintai-Mu sejati*

ku manusia yang penuh dosa
berharap ampunan-Mu
lihat di langit kesempurnaan hati-Mu
Kau cinta pertama dalam hidup

Allahu Akbar Maha Besar
memuja-Mu begitu indah
selalu Kau berikan semua
kebesaran-Mu Tuhan

~bile hati gundah~

an advice from a friend:

jgn mcm ni ouh guidance from Allah,insyaAllah u will do better :)

those words open my eyes.. thanks incik syazemin

Saturday, June 25, 2011

When you feel GIRLY


Hi everyone!!! Semoga dalam keadaan sihat2 sejahtera hendaknya buat gadis2 jejaka2 teruna2 anak2 dara pakcik makcik atok nenek dan segala bagai.. (*cewah macam ramai je bace blog ak).. T_T

tgh duduk2 kat gillette keje from 8PM-12MID smbil denga lagu dangdut..

HEHEEH.. jom denga sesame

This entry is about my new obsession whenever i feel girly2 gedik2 miang2 camtu.. HAHA.. recently kalau ak ade feeling ni, i'll watch a cooking video from site Joy of Baking.. HAAA.. tapi video bukan sebarang video.. bukan video masak kari masak lemak masak asampedas masak cicadas (*eh??).. tp video buat kek2 mantap desert2 segala bagai.. n memang berbagai2 pun.. more on western dessert la.. cam  cheesecake, banana pudding, carrot cake.. Dulu2 i thought they are really hard to make.. but tgk makcik ni buat cam kacang je.. From this website la jugak i got my cheesecake brownie recepi. SODAP.. :D dah 3 kali buat dah.. td baru lepas buat.. tp paneh lagi x sompak la oden nak makan.. ce tgk gmba skit:

nampak cikai.. try rase.. sedap.. 

Sedap woo.. bukan nak vain.. tp makcik tu bg recipe kaw2 punye.. senang je buat die.. eventhough dalam website ni korng kene buat bownie tu bersusah payah.. tp sebagai setuden yang sentiase busy ni.. ecewah.. kite gune mende ni je:

Harge $1.50 kat wallmart.. (*murah ok! lompat2) :D pastu ikot je kat blakang ade intruction.. tmbah 1/4 cup ayaq, 2/3 cup minyak, ngan 2 bijik teluq.. gaul je gune senduk.. patuh masuk dalam dulang yang dah sapu margarine..

Untuk toping cheese atas die..

Amek 227 gram cream cheese , putaq2 smpai tak berketui, then masuk sebiji teluq, patuh masukkan 1 teaspoon vanila extract n 1/3 cup granulated sugar.. gaul2 lagi pastu lapiskan atas die..

Baka dalam oven for 24-26 minutes.. suhu 350 Fahrenheit.. kemudian siap dimasak dan boleh dihidang.. tp lagi sedap kalau chill kan dalam peti ais.. :D

sodap..nyee.. try la resepi len dalam website ni jugak.. macamsedap je.. :D

ohhh lupe nak mention.. i gune 13"x9" punye baking tray.. Depends on you guys punye tray and ketebalan kek.. lagi tebal lagi lame n temperature pun kurang.. look at the back of the betty crocker brownie mix ade tulis temp yang suitable mengikut ketebalan cake..

ok that's all.... ~ADIOS~


Once A Big Story..


Sapa ingat kat lepat.. or his true name Ismail Ariffin.. He is an artist.. lukis manyak potret2 cantik.. Dulu die ado kisah ngan bini dia.. Aishah Jane Bummit.. Die bawak lari anak diorang.. And hilang dalam balai polis.. kes yg agak besa.. smpai skang x dpat lagi anak die.. But now die dah ade anak ngan perempuan German.. Nama siti aminah.. comel.. :D

 I am afraid to post this on fb sebab berbaur politik.. but what i wanna share here is his story.. sapo ghajin dengaq2 la ni ha die membebel pasai kisah dia.. :)

Petikan akhbar:

KUALA LUMPUR: Pelukis potret, Ismail Ariffin atau Lepat yang mengalami tekanan perasaan sejak 13 tahun lalu selepas anaknya, Sunni Sazali, dilarikan bekas isterinya, mahu menyaman Mahkamah Syariah negara ini.

Lepat, 42, mengakui kejadian masih menghantui dirinya hinggakan beliau mengalami gangguan emosi dan tekanan hidup kronik kerana berjauhan dengan anaknya yang ketika itu berusia dua tahun. Dia kecewa dan mendakwa Mahkamah Syariah Pulau Pinang tidak membantu memastikan kes hak penjagaan Sunni mencapai keputusan sama ada memihak kepadanya atau bekas isterinya, warga Britain, Aishah Jane Brummit.

“Selepas berfikir sekian lama, saya rasa keadilan perlu dituntut kerana ia berpunca daripada kelemahan pihak terbabit (Mahkamah Syariah) hingga menyebabkan saya kehilangan Sunni.

“Bila terkenangkan nasib Sunni, terutama soal iman dan risaukan kalimah syahadah Sunni, saya menjadi runsing dan bimbang,” dakwanya ketika dihubungi di Bremen, Jerman di sini, semalam.

Tiga belas tahun lalu, negara dikejutkan berita mengenai Aishah melarikan anaknya hasil perkongsian hidup dengan Lepat selepas pertemuan dengan anaknya atas perintah Hakim Mahkamah Syariah Pulau Pi-nang, Othman Ibrahim.
Pada 1 April 1997, mahkamah berkenaan mengeluarkan perintah membenarkan Aishah bertemu Sunni setiap pagi Sabtu di pekarangan Balai Polis Lebuh Pantai, Georgetown.

Bagaimanapun, Aishah mengambil kesempatan daripada perintah itu dengan merancang melarikan Sunni ke luar negara menerusi sempadan di Bukit Kayu Hitam.

Malah, insiden itu bukan yang pertama, sebaliknya setahun sebelum itu, Aishah pernah melarikan Sunni ke negara asalnya sebelum Lepat berusaha ‘merampas’ anak sulungnya itu ketika sedang tidur di kediaman keluarga mentuanya di Devon, England.

Kini, pasangan yang sudah berpisah itu membawa haluan masing-masing dengan Aishah, 38, menetap bersama Sunni, 15, di Devon, manakala Lepat yang berkahwin kali kedua dengan rakyat Jerman, kini tinggal bersama isteri yang juga penuntut peringkat sarjana bidang psikologi di Universiti Bremen, Nor Azlina Caesar Abdullah, 26, dan anak perempuan mereka, Siti Aminah yang berusia tiga tahun di negara berkenaan.

Lepat yang berasal dari Bagan Lebai Tahir, Butterworth, mendakwa kelemahan sistem kehakiman mahkamah berkenaan, di tambah persepsi negatif terhadap dirinya menyebabkan beliau terpaksa menanggung rindu berpisah dengan Sunni.

Menyingkap kejadian pada 5 Julai 1997, Lepat yang menjalani pembedahan pankreas tahun lalu dan menghidap penyakit buah pinggang, berkata tindakannya ‘mengintai’ Sunni dan Aishah dari bangunan bersebelahan balai polis menimbulkan rasa tidak puas hati bekas isterinya, menyebabkan mahkamah mengarahkan beliau tidak mengulangi perbuatan itu.

“Arahan itu juga menyebabkan Sunni berjaya dibawa ke luar negara kerana tidak ada pihak yang mengawasi pergerakan Aishah. Ketika itu, saya ke kedai makanan segera membeli kentang goreng untuk Sunni dan apabila tiba di pekarangan balai polis, kelibat kedua-duanya sudah tidak kelihatan,” dakwanya.

Ok tu je.. No offense ok.. :D


Friday, June 24, 2011

Don't Judge..

Friday night.. HEHE... done with orgo exam... petang2 pegi chill2 kat J.Percy Priest Dam tgk bebudak ni memancing sambil knitting.. :)

My third project is...?? Secret..

went back around 6.30pm and watch Maharaja Lawak with aten n tasha.. :))
Then around 9pm, got 1st usrah for summer with jiah, mekcha and diana.. so this post is a little review from what we discussed in Usrah.

Based on: Surah Al-Baqarah (ayat:214)
Adakah patut kamu menyangka bahawa kamu akan masuk syurga, padahal belum sampai kepada kamu (ujian dan cubaan) seperti yang telah berlaku kepada orang-orang yang terdahulu daripada kamu? Mereka telah ditimpa kepapaan (kemusnahan harta benda) dan serangan penyakit, serta digoncangkan (oleh ancaman bahaya musuh), sehingga berkatalah Rasul dan orang-orang yang beriman yang ada besertanya: "Bilakah (datangnya) pertolongan Allah?" Ketahuilah, sesungguhnya pertolongan Allah itu dekat (asalkan kamu bersabar dan berpegang teguh kepada ugama Allah).

So for me, ayat ni told me about, pertolongan allah is always near and jadikan umat terdahulu sebagai tauladan. But...

Okay.. From what we discussed in usrah, ayat ni actually menerangkan tentang iman.. maybe b4 ni kite ingat our iman is good enough, dah bleh masuk syurga.. and maybe we also judge others iman too.. How can we say such things sedangkan kite xpernah diuji oleh allah seteruk para sahabat nabi dahulu.. What make us sooo sure that we shall enter the Garden of Bliss without such trial as came to those who passed away before you?? Take it back in time, what is the biggest test that Allah have given to us that make us so sure that we can enter syurga?? Fail in exam?? Putus centahhh?? loss someone?? Kemiskinan?? Does those test enough to  ensure that we have good iman??

Cetengok sahabat zaman dedulu.. So we gonna take a look at two stories, the first one is about Mus'ab bin Umair and the second person is... *ok i don't remember his name.. i think kabab kot.. :( apela abel.. so we gonna talk about mus'ab je ek.. :)

Kisah Mus'ab bin umair: Mus'ab bin umair ni dilahirkan dalam kalangan org bangsawan.. selalu pakai pakaian yang cantik2, and siap lawan2 lagi ngan kawan die sape punye baju lagi cantik.. and ibu die x pernah x menurut permintaan dia (*anak kesayangan la ni).. :) tapi bila die nak masuk islam, ibu die x bg.. ibu die kurung n seksa berhari2.. but still die x kluar islam, then ibu die ugut pulak xnak makan smpai la mus'ab ni klua islam.. tp mus'ab kate.. kalau ibu diberi 100 nyawa sekalipun, dan nyawa itu ditarik satu persatu, die xkan kluar islam.. so ibu die halau dari rumah.. dari kaya jadi miskin.. mus'ab pegi berjumpa rasullullah S.A.W . dan para sahabat mengadu.. para sahabat ambil mus'ab bekerje dengan die menjual kayu api.. ibu mus'ab masih dengan agenda sama, pujuk mus'ab kluar islam. tp die xnak.. die ikot nabi pergi berhijrah.. daripada seorang berbadan sasa jadi kurus kering.. ibu mus'ab suruh adek die pujuk mus'ab tp pastu adek die pun masuk islam.. dalam peingkat kedue perang uhud, mus'ab mati syahid. mus'ab ni pemegang bendera islam, so org quraish datang and tetak tangan kanan die (*yg pegang bendera) tp die pegang bendera ngan tgn kiri plak, tetak tngn kiri die peluk bendera tu.. pastu org quraish baling tombak.. maka jatuh syahid seorang sahabat rasulullah.. tp adek mus'ab sempat amek bendera islam tp die tgk abg die mati depan mata kot.. pastu die terlampau sedih, die menangis dengan banyaknye.. yang sedih tu.. mase nak kafankan mayat mus'ab, kain kafan tu kecik.. xmuat.. tarik bawah nampak kepale, tarik atas nmpak kaki.. last2 nabi tutup muke mus'ab dengna kain tu and kaki dengan daun2 kayu.. Rasulullah menitiskan air mata menyaksikan kejadian ini.. cube yang kite syg meninggal tp kain kafan x cukup.. T_T..

Sekarang cube kite tgk plak, ujian yang kite pernah lalui.. segetir dan sehebat mus'ab ke?? so how about our iman???

So.. Don't judge easily.. and don't judge others iman tu..

Renung2kan dan selamat beramallll.. :D



uneasiness.. tumult.. or whatever you wanna call it..
~when you have too many things to worry about~ 
~it have never been easy~ 
~but i should never give up neither should i leave it in the lurch~
~exert instead~
~work my fingers to the bone~
~cause every cloud has silver line~
~and in a beautiful battle of life, i should be a combat~

~a lullaby for tonight~
~life have never been easy~
~but it is very beautiful instead~

Throw your dreams into the space like a kite,
and you do not know what it will bring back,
A new life, A new friend, A new love, or maybe a new you..
Have a sweet dreams.. 

Friday, June 17, 2011



ost nora elena by sarah aqilah entitled biar hati mencintai

Nak cakap pasal nora elena.. cite ni cam epic jugakla sebab sume org cam demam2 nak tgk cite ni.. penangan die cam lagi hebat dari adamaya je tmbah pulak aaron aziz (*yang kacak) dan siti saleha (*yang cun) berlakon.. romantik gile aaron aziz dalam tu memegang watak seth tan.. n siti saleha amatla pandai berlakon.. dah makin top aa pelakon baru ni.. :) episod die x bnyak pon.. 24 je.. 40 minutes each.. hmmm.. hehe.. try2 la tgk.. best.. maybe sebab die adaptation from novel jugak kot.. :) 

Nah amek synopsis:

Sepuluh tahun yang lalu, kesucian Nora Elena dinodai. Andai masa boleh diulang kembali, pasti jiwanya tidak punah. Tapi dia sedar, takdir hidup tidak memihak kepada sesiapa. Saiful Idham, tunangnya pergi kerana tragedi ini. Tiba-tiba muncul Seth menawarkan diri utk menjadi suaminya. Nora Elena keliru…
Ternyata doa Seth dimakbulkan. Sepuluh tahun dia menjejaki gadis itu. Nora Elena, cinta yang bermula dari pandang pertama. Namun kenyataan tidak seindah impian. Hangatnya asmara Seth, namun hanya dia yang terbakar sendiri. Rasa cinta isterinya tidak dapat disentuh walaupun hakikatnya mereka berkongsi ranjang yang sama. Jiwa lelakinya merintih. Nora Elena bagai bayang-bayang yang tidak dapat dipegang.
“Hakikatnya, aku suami dan kamu isteri. Perkahwinan ini adalah simpulan mati. Hanya maut yang akan memisahkan kita berdua.” tegas Seth.
Tapi mengapa Elena menjadi wanita asing dalam perkahwinan ini? Rahsia yang selama ini disimpan kemas akhirnya terbongkar. Sebenarnya… Sethlah lelaki durjana itu. Menodainya atas alasan kerana kasihnya yang suci! Benarkah?
Lelaki adalah nafas hidup dan wanita adalah nadi jiwa… saling memerlukan dan mencintai. Dan cinta itu maknanya saling memberi dan menerima. Nora Elena akhirnya reda menerima Seth. Dia tidak akan menoleh lagi kerana lelaki itulah syurganya di akhirat nanti.
Haaa ni lah synopsis nye.. :) walaupon synopsis x patot camni (banyak unsur spoiler) haha.. and barisan pelakon utama: 

Ok that's it for nora elena. skang nak cite pasal karipap plak.. macam membuak2 je perasaan memakan karipap.. sedapnyeeee... omg.. karipap inti sardin kentang.. huaaaaaaaa... xpe2.. xde masalah la kalau nak buat.. brg sume ade.. wait and see.. hehe.. and this is a picture of my little creamy yummy sweety cheesecake brownie.. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Little Review


It's been a long time u knawwww.. haha.. biasela busy kehulu kehilir summer2 ni.. busy ngan SFP n dinner with parent.. seniors dah grad..  the first road trip after 2 years in america.. *rase looser.. LOL.. haha.. okay2.. basically.. me and my friendssss (a lot of 'em.. 20 omg.. 4 kereta), went to THE BIG APPLE.. NYC u knawww.. and CANADA.. but singgah2 tangkap2 gmba kat virginia.. A state with a beautiful scenery.. padang rumput yang cantik2.. rase macam kat era dlu2 when people still gune kereta kuda or whatsoever and have ladang sendiri.. cantik2.. then kami singgah DC buat visa Canada.. Jalan2 at US Capitol sume b4 continue our journey to NYC.. times square.. been there.. pas jalan2 NYC.. pegi Boston.. jenguk2 Harvard n MIT.. MIT look nerdy.. hehe tp harvard cantik.. :) macam vandy skit.. jalan2 kat bandar boston and sejuk kat boston.. after that gerak NIAGARA FALLS.. BEEN THERE! OMG.. cantik air terjun ciptaan tuhan.. :) then masuk canada.. jalan2 2 days kat canada.. pegi canada wonderland sume naik roller coaster smpai nenong.. haha.. then balik vandy.. 

         4 days later.. gerak wisconsin plak.. midwest.. :) VANDY NO 1 wa cakap lu.. haha.. I menang jugak.. I menang sorak..  haha.. jadi cheerleader jela.. :) otw balek, singgah Chicago.. mercury drop.. tangkap2 gmba.. haha.. pastu singgah cedar point sumpah panasss.. smpai pitam2.. tp I DAH NAIK DRAGSTER (*x sure spelling) haha.. bende ni moving sudden 120 miles/hour.. sigghhhhh... laju sgt... =.=" then balek vandy

        Sesampainya di vandy.. esoknye seniors balek.. sedih gileee... menangis2 kot.. :(( tp dah habis blaja kan.. masuk alam baru plak..:) hopefully diorang dpt keje cepat.. Now ni, continue ngan life as a student.. terkontang kanting ngan orgo.. solution manual orgo je dah 2", buku text die xyah cakap la.. baru done with the first exam.. tp.. kecewa jugak la dgn diri sendiri.. :( ohhh btw.. dah start kerje.. :) blehla tampung demand shopping ak ni.. haha.. tanak susahkan org tua.. sooo kite kene keje.. hidup berdikari.. :) now ni hari2 masak.. ok tipu.. not hari2 but usually.. hehe.. kari la.. masak merah.. msak kicap.. omg gemuk.. 

       BUT NOW I HAVE A BIGGER PROBLEM... fall in love with BROWNIE CHEESECAKE.. lagi gemuk.. ni sume salah ALIYAAAA! haha.. :) tiap2 minggu pun nak buat.. =.=" haha.. okla i need to read orgo.. =.=" tata.. see ya.. 

-abel yang tgh bosan kat meje reeve- 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Get Excited

Gedebak Gedebok Gedebak Gedebok!! final pun habis.. skang bertunggang langgang ngan bilik bersepah xtau nak start bungkuih dari mane.. Gedebak Gedebok lagi.. hahaha



Get excited sume!!!
Pakai cantik2 comel2... sume dah cari baju lame dah kan.. KEKEKE.. cool!!!

excited gileee...

kinda exhausted this night.. ptg td angkat peti ais macam nak tercabot tulang blakang.. now ni baru balek wallmart beli barang untuk tomorrow event! YATTTAAA!! hehe..

8 more days to DC,NYC,CANADA baby!!! omg2 seronoknyeeee... I am really excited to go to CASA LOMA huahahahaha!!!!! Yatatatatata!!!

tp b4 tu kene moveout dlu 9 haribulan.. adeh penat *faint

hehe.. ok nak tido.. sok pagi ade bende nak settle!! hayaaakkkkk!!!!

p/s: sejak due menjak dah habis exam ni, burung dah klua sarang ak baru nak tidok.. haha

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sleepy Art

It's Friday.. Friday..
Gotta get down on friday.. =.="
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend ~0~"
HAHA!!! Rebecca Black LMAO
Ok jom denga lagu.. tp bukan lagu friday ok.. :)

haaaaaaa lama x dengo kannn.. :) (*pade sape2 yg pernah tgk josh la..)
YESS!! weekend2.. seronok *lompat2.. :) wahhh.. Only left with 5 weeks of school, then summer break.. ouuu NYC-Canada please wait for me.. :D after that.. JUNIOR yeaarr trrr ffrrr.. OOuuuu may gaddd!! :D I just woke up from sleep.. podahhh anak dara tido petang2... but i'm so bored.. sighhh.. xtau nak buat ape.. kecewa2.. then overslept.. =.=" 

    I have watched a cerakarama just now and the heroin is fasha sanda.. ok why am i watching a drama with fasha sandha in it.. because die berlakon jadi jahat!.. hehehe.. =.=" (*dalam hati korang: aih kene bgtau jugak ke pasal ni?? dalam hati ak: aaa sori2.. ) :D

   OOO lagi satu nak cite yg korang mungkin x nak tau.. ~o~" pasal matsujun dengan rambut barunye.. :D haaa tgk ni:

*AAAAAAAA jerit2 lompat2 (gediknye =.=") Ok this is his new hairstyle for arashi's new song kot, entitled Lotus.  :D

   Ok banyaknyela merepek2 intro kat atas ni.. Actually, nak cite pasal sleepy art.. Do you know what is sleepy art?? Haha.. It is actually my drawing when I am sleepy in lecture hall while denga ashok and karpos lecture especially.. :D This evening i'm kinda go through my notebook then jumpe banyak jugak lukisan ntah ape2 je.. =.=" ahaha.. so jom tgk2 art yg x bape nak menonjol ni.. 

 Ok ni waktu kelas MSE ngntuk gile habaq hang.. 

Some random stuff.. =.="

I know2.. x terpilih punye jadi fashion designer.. sigh.. atas baju2 tu ade tulisan korea :D

Pengubat jiwa remaja in karpos class.. :D

HAIHHH.. ~o~"

H.O.D.O.H..... :(

Random stuff again.. 

Tulisan ngantuk.. =.="
Baiklah adek2 jgn tiru macam saye ok.. but xpela.. I do this so that at least i'm not "yet" sleeping in class.. :D ok2.. korang wat some other random stuff while denga lecture ok such as makan chewing gum.. jgn tiru macam saye.. x bguih.. haih2.. =.="

*BIGG SMILE... ok guys.. see you in the next entry.. :)