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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


A lot of things to update:

My paklong meninggal on Sunday night and i just knew it from my mum. Al-fatihah :(

My younger brother got 8A's for PMR. Congratulations!!! BOMKEBABOM (bunyi mercun)! *is working hard to collect money and buy him a present LOL.

Winter break. Done with my 7th semester. Left with one and then going home for good (Insyaallah). But sad of course. I dont know whether i have any chance to come back here and if i get a chance, it definitely will not be the same without my friends.

Fall semester result was good. Alhamdullillah. Although it wasn't really good but it's enough for me. :)


So today i decided to have a tumblr. LOL. :)

I am going to Orlando visiting Harry Potter on 27th December. Hope it will be fun yeayyy! 

Have started sending out resume but no one replied yet. =.=" That's okay. haha i'm just trying at this moment. 

Few books that i read during this winter break:

My parents cancelled their plan to come here for my graduation. :( But that's okay. *susah kot nak mintak cuti cikgu T_T

I went to holiday light events at Gaylord Opryland. We have fun despite got lost in that freaking big opryland LOL. Few photos:


 *vain moment LOL

I got 4 tickets to Grammy Nomination Concert Live in Nashville for free LOL. Floor tickets YOUALLLZZ.. I was very close to Taylor Swift.. Very very closeeee omg.. And Hunter Hayes! Handsome wa cakap lu! Maroon 5 tooo omg adam lavine so hottt. Few pictures:

AAAAAAAAAA!! very close to the stage actually

*mind blown! I was really excited like jumping kehulu kehilir

There you go taylor swift depan mata T_T


Yesterday i made kuih bakar yeayyy succeed :D

Already bought a bordeaux longchamp le pliage. LOL *stress exam punye pasal T_T

Tomorrow i have a VIB 45 minutes free make over at Sephora. LOL. I'll post the picture of me later (if i remember la lol)

Ok tu je banyak membebel LOL. :)

p/s: On our next step :)


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