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Thursday, December 20, 2012

So Much of Sephora Make-over

Hi again!


So in the previous entry ade cakap pasal sephora free VIB makeover. So I went to Sephora Greenhills for this 45 minutes makeover with aini LOL. And ade sorang makcik ni do my makeup. Sadly die mcm malas2 so from 45 minutes jadi 20 minutes. And I am not really happy with it. I ask her to do a strong eyes with soft lips (*mengada). I like the foundation yang die pakai, Make Up Forever HD, and blusher jugak i think it is also from Make Up Forever. But then eye makeup die x cantik. She used Smashbox Trio Palette:
Okay eye shadow palette ni ok je i think but then makcik tu macam tepek2 je on my eyess pastu mcm kene tumbuk and then comot. T_T Pastu eyeliner die was like aboveee my lashline.. Wayy above T_T Pastu i dont like the lip color yang die pakai jugakkk mcm org mati LOL. So after makcik tu finished i changed my lip color gune trial lipstick kat sephora tu T_T. and kesat2 comot yang makcik tu buat LOL. Oh fyi, as far as i remember, no one ever did my makeup except from me before this. LOL. So this is me after makcik tu do my make up (HAH vain please dont kutuk HAHA):

(like really xstrong pun eyemakeup tu LOL) *senyum senget T_T

Zoom kat mate:
HAAA dahla xblend betul2 LOL.

Pastu smpai bilik my rumate cakap "i think kalau abel buat makeup abel lagi ok dr makcik tu buat" haha. So boleh keje sephora la kan. LOL. Pastu masuk closet kesat eyemakeup die and than buat balek sendiri. *bosan sgt winter break maybe LOL. so i expect makcik sephora do better than this T_T:

Yeayyy Vain lagi T_T sorry kene tgk i vain LOL
 Ok tu je LOL :D


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