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Sunday, March 20, 2011


Last night I was dreaming...

about me..

in a maze..

chasing after u guys..

i am so tired..


but when i reach you guys..

everyone is running away from me..

why?? i don't have the answer..

"please don't go away.." I beg u guys in my dream..

But it seems no one wanna stay by my side..

and at the end.. i just sat there and watch you guys went away..


For being such an annoying friend, I am so sorry..

For being such a talkative and busy body, I am so sorry..

For being such a hot tempered person, I am so sorry..

For being such a bad friend, I am so sorry..

And for being me.. I am REALLY sorry..

Despite all of this...

I have a request...

I don't want anything on my 20th birthday..

I just want..

You guys to be here for me..

I am sorry if it is too much..

But really it come from my ponder heart..


You guys are my dearest friends...


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