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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hi guys!!! It's have been a long time.. yeahh i know.. HAHA..
ME? too busy with tones of exam and homework for the past few weeks.. sighhh...
But alhamdullillah I make it through.. Although i am a little bit frustrated with MSE.. haih haih haih..
SO life is good isn't?? HEHE..
OK.. recently, i am addicted to a song by CN Blue entitled Love Light (or sarang peet in korean language.. 사랑 ).. This is not their new single but dlu I x layan CN Blue sgt.. Hahaha. But the lyrics is cute..  And the melody too! So cube denga lagu ni smbil2 read my blog yang x seberape ni.. haha

Since the lyrics is soo cute! so this is the translation:

when i look at you my face gets red
when i see you my heart goes thump thump
i talk with shyness like a kid
when i look at you i just smile out of nowhere
like a fool I keep doing that
I think love came to me
You’re the president of my heart
You’re my chests’ star embroider
I’m Genie for you girl
You make me stop breathing
whatever you want
because i love you
There’s no reason for my love you know
you’re a darling
you’re more beautiful than the stars above in the night sky
the shining thing deep inside my heart
my own love light
i love you darling
give me light next to me whenever
every night i look at you
and you’re beautiful even when i look at you
you’re my love light
when i see you i feel like im up on the clouds
it may be immature but i keep doing this
i tihnk love came to me
you’re lovely
you’re more blinding than the sunlight up in that sky
you shine the dark places inside my heart
my own love light
i love you lovely
even if i close my eyes i see you
looking at you like this
you’re still blinding even when i see you
you’re my love light
Haha cutenye.. And plus yong hwa (the second singer in this song) is sooo cute.. haha.. ok2 cukup2.. :D
Ok in this entry actually, I would like to talk about second language.. Or third, fourth, fifth, sixth or whatsoever.. For me.. My first is.. yaaa of course malay :|.. hehe.. second is English (although i am not good in it).. So last sem i've tried to learn japanese plak.. It's awesome, I can't deny it.. haha.. but since I take a course in japanese so i have to take exam and whatsoever and I don't like the fact that I can't really score in language subject  since dolu2 lagi (time kecik2 amek subj english) haih.. But I really do have intention to learn foreign language.. Tp why i want to learn japanese? HAHA sebab I love to watch Japanese and Korean drama.. YES!! :D Ok2.. kire macam kalau org campak I kat jepun I boleh hidup skit2 la kan.. Boleh tanye kat mane stesen kreta api.. Where the heck is restaurant sume tu.. Ask for their name (*wink2 mamat2 jepun kacak kahkahkahkah gedik kejap) .. OK2! :D And I also can read Japanese.. But not Kanji REALLY! it's hard.. HAHA.. And next sem plak I'm gonna take Arabic.. Why I don't continue taking Japanese? Hmm.. maybe something should be left unspoken la.. hehe.. OK2 so next sem ARABIC.. I hope i can deal with it.. :) 
Actually, awal tahun ni I ade beli kit about learning korean language by yourself.. fuh fuh fuh fuh.. Sebenanye ramai kot MALAYSIAN yang teringin nak blaja korean language.. yela since they got their fav actor/actress/singer there.. including me. AAAAAAAAa!! hahaha ok2.. so saje2 je nak kongsi sikit2 pasal korean character.. kehkehkeh.. sedikit busy this sem so memang x katam2 aa blaja kit tu.. tp these are few characters that i learn from the kit.. :) 
1. (s for sat)
2. (l for ladder, sound a LITTLE bit like r)
1. (a as in bat)
Combine those two:
1. (sa)
2. (ra)
I bg you guys skit2 la so you guys kalau berminat leh la study skit2.. ok bg due word korea yg korang leh blaja gak:
Salang (*l tu bunyi cam r skit2) ~가랑~ meaning: love.
peet ~~ meaning: light. 
Haha ni just skit je ni.. banyak lagi sebenanye.. :) Kalau korang rajin korang blaja la.. hehe... ok2 i need to do my thermo.. hehe.. 
By guys.. see you in the next entry.. :)


zuluuniformlima said...

ko patut letak gmbar yg ko lukis dlm kelas socio aritu la abel.. baru cool..:P

aten_abel said...

ahaha x terpikir pulok.. :D

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