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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Assalamualaikum sumeee... Haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!

Hehehe.. :) ok baru lepas exam pagi td so hati x senang stress.. nak hilang stress?? guess what?? kite shopping laaa.. maka bergerak la cik abel, cik wani n cik dillot ke greenhills bersama2.. :) Habis duit =_=" tp puas hati.. wanna see what i got???

1. Polo shirt ~red ok~ from Aeropostale ($10) + cute shirt ($3) oyeahhh!!

2. Cute Handbag from charming charlie ($15).. Ok maybe looks weird tp stylo kottt... tgk ni~

   Yes i know. pelik~~ tp cube compare ngan gmba Michelle phan ni.. :D

     Macam envelop je tp comel.. cam stylo.. :D :D :D ooo follow la michelle phan punye website tu.. cool.. and also you might be interested in fashion.. so follow chrisselle website.. Cool gile.. :D Contohnye die punye video ni: 
this video is really cool sebab you can just wear is casually.. bukan kat beach je.. cool gile.. :D 

3. And also i got a belt from Charming Charlie for $10.. dah lame mengidam kotttt... :D 

4. Since my selipar putih tu dah macam belacan..

SUMPAH BELACAN GILE! no more white shoes after this.. serik.. =_="

so i got a new sandal from NY & Co. :) only $6

5. You know that I'm obsessed with make up kan.. so... how about.. bronzer and foundation from body shop for $5 each?? great deal?? I would say "yes" hehehe...

6. Last but not least.. shopping at VS :D

and also small things like hairband from claire's.. :D

OK rase dahlame x shopping pegang beg shopping banyak2 since opry tutup.. :D BAHAGIA.. and under budget woot woot~~~~ :D

Ohhh BTW.. city hunter dah habis kluar sume episod yattaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!



anonymous said...

ehh lawa belt! ribbon. pergh ikut style michelle phan tuu. btw envelope 'handbag' tu mmg tgh in skrg. :DD

aten_abel said...

tula hikhikhik.. kite kene ikot trend.. lololol.. tp sapo yg komen ni ek.. lol

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