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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Red Queen

Hi :)

It have been a very long time since i last updated my blog hik3.. busy sgt lol.. ok just nak update a lil' bit about my life right now.. Junior year memang la busy obviously.. nak bukak blog pun x sempat lol.. :D I have exam every week.. penat gile.. Nah denga lagu skit.. BEG nyanyi live, breathtaking.. :D

Ok recently, I fall in love with this book, The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory. It is a historical novel based on the actual fact, and of course some of them are fiction, obviously the author could not get every detail of the history happened around the year of 1453-1481. This novel also has a very nice time frame. Historical novel always be my favorite and this one really astonishing.. :D I got it from a used book bargain shop at Hillsboro Village and it seems to worth every penny :D..

This book is actually the second one in the Cousin's War series by Philippa Gregory. The first one entitled The White Queen and the third one is The Lady of The River. I will get all of them soon. :D Basically this novel is about Margaret Beaufort, the heiress to the red rose of Lancaster. She had a very hard life with all the loveless marriages she had to bare with men older than her just to make sure that their royal line have heirs. She had a son named Henry Tudor when she was 14 years old from her first marriage with a guy twice older than herself, Edmund Tudor and masterminds the greatest rebellions of the time to get back the throne from the Earl of York who took it by force when her son was only 5 years old from the King of England who was ill at that time although the king had his own 7 years old son, the Prince of Wales. I didn't finish this book yet but i have come to the fun part where the Earl of York got the throne after many wars back to back.  :3.I am so into it and just can't stop reading this novel. Hik3.. If you love this kind of genre, you should give it a try.. :D

p/s: what should i do with this poster (i got it from VandyLan) ? i love this "God of War" game tp takot nak tmpal ni dalam bilik.. ahahha

Till next time, Abel~


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