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Friday, November 18, 2011


Hi everybody...

Mood: Sad
Source: Game of Throne :((
Reason: Khal Drogo is dead :((((((((
Why?: He was killed by an ugly witch.. and not in war.. 

I feels like crying everytime i watch this. :(

Farewell Khal Drogo~~~~~ 

btw.. Jason Momoa osem gile sebab leh bawak character ni dgn baik.. :)) you guys should watch this. osem gileee.. plot die menarik.. Warning: Violent and quite dirty (skip je part bukan2 tu..) 

p/s: Dothraki language for your beloved one.. 
shekh ma shieraki anni of man, the loved one (my sun and stars)
jalan atthirari anni of woman, the loved one (the moon of my life)


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