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Saturday, December 17, 2011

My After Final Beauty Haul

YEAYYYY Finally DONE WITH FINALSSSSSSSS.... ya allah tuhan je tau seksa gile nak abeskan :(( ngn pchem mngarut tah pape.. ok.. i don't really care hmmm (although i should care).. lol..

And i'm getting excited.. 1 more days and then Cali.. :D ohh my god.. excited tp cam xcukup time nak packing2 sume so i think i want to start kemas2 bilik buat laundry tonight.. since bilik cam kapal karam sebab final.. lol..

and as usual, after finals.. mestila pegi klua meronggeng shopping ke kan.. hehehe.. actually tujuan utama kitorang klua sebab nak beli hadiah kakak mimie :) for her 21st birthday hehe


sambil2 tu beli la brg skit untuk diri sendiri.. so this is my little shopping haul hohoh.. x banyak pon :) 

1) Lipstick from Sephora. Color: Rouge 

At first i wanna buy YSL lipstick but it is too expensive for a lipstick. :((( tp texture die sgt besssttt :(( xpe2.. i'll buy it when i have money.. :) so instead of buying the YSL lipstick, i search for almost a similar shade from sephora with the one that i want fromYSL. hehe so nila hasilnye.. a very softt kind off pink nude color i guess hehe..

2) Banana Shampoo from the Body Shop

Reviews for this shampoo is so good so i thought i wanna try it. and finally i got it.. i'm sort of lucky since this is the only one left in The Body Shop at Greenhills hehe.. ok dah try pun.. bau die macam fried banana mule2 tp bile dah pakai xpunnn bau die comel jeeeeeeee pastu very2 soft heheheeheee....

3) Hand Cream, Body Butter and Lip Roll also from The Body Shop

since body shop have bought 2 free 2 offer today, so i thought i wanna get 3 more product from them.. haaa hehe.. so i got a lip roll (rose).. it is more like a moisturizer but the texture is weird.. macam oily and ade something like biji2.. it doesn't feel really good on my lips but it really does moisturize your lips though.. hehe.. Next one is mango body butter.. omg yang ni best.. it smells good.. bau comel2 camtu hehe.. excited!!.. ok lastly i got a wild rose hand cream.. bau rose best gileeeee and soft gileeeee cooll2 hehe.. 

4.Lancome Bienfait Multi-Vital SPF-30 Sunscreen

ok i didn't got this today.. but just to add some reviews.. since i've been using Lancome facial wash and serum, so i bought this kind off moisturizer with SPF-30 from them.. Ok this moisturizer is really awesomeeeee.. to be honest, i don't wear my facial mask and scrub my face about 3 weeks.. busy ngn final sume.. but since i wear this, my skin feels really soft.. and also helped reducing my dark spot. :) and with this purchase, i got this body cream as a free sample: 

this is too big for a SAMPLE omg.. thanks lancome.. hehe.. bau besttt and really soft tu.. since now is winter and kulit kering2, memang bagusla dpt free ni hehe.. 

ok pastu aritu i got NYX punye lip cream yang warne cam maktam2 skit tp i already know how to make it less "maktam" lol (racist -.-").. pakai lip cream tu ngan revlon super lustrous lip gloss in shade peach petal.. haa.. so warne die jadi cam cupcakes sikit.. hehe.. oo btw adilah give me her NYX lip cream sebab she doesn't like the color.. but actually it is better than mine.. worst gile dpt warne addis ababa ni.. adilah punye in shade milan :).. 
yang left tu adilah bg.. yang right tu yang i got.. haha THANKS DILAHHHHH :)

haha that's all i got for today :) see u next time :)

p/s: pening xboleh bawak liquid memanyak naik flight -.


Deyla said...

lancome nye moisturizer with SPF tu mmg best eh?? cam minat je nk bli gak hihi

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