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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Unboxing my glam bag!! YAYY :))

Hiiii sumeee...

Ok today i just got my myglam bag from excited! So here are some review of the products that i got for this month myglam bag :)

1) The packaging is awesomeeee...

2) The make up bag is awesome too.. with a postcard from michelle phan or whatever haha

3) product details.. hmmm 

4) ok here is the fun part.. 1st product is from Mai couture.. 
Best: It is a full size product (100 sheets) and the paper is really soft.. and it smells good too (lavender) 
Unlike: Why did i got a blotting paperrrr???? I want blush paperr laa.. i got only one sample of blush paper yang kat tepi tu T_T kecewa

5) 2nd product is from NYX..
Best: It is a full size soft matte lip cream (i think it is a full size product lol).. ok
Unlike: I don't like the color.. ugly! -.-"

5)3rd product is from Urban Decay
Best: again.. a full size sin eye shadow from urban decay :) mende ni asek sold out je 
Unlike: warne die x terang :(( 

Ok ni gmba NYX ngn sin by Urban Decay on my skin.. 
ok yang sin tu xnmpak langsung, belah kiri.. yang NYX tu terang sgt pulok T_T

6) Next is from Urban Decay too

Best: finally i got one urban decay primer potion
Unlike: old packaging, and small.. but i don't really care

7) and the last one is from tarte..
Best: SUPERB!!!!! the best mascara i have ever had.. bleh la beli past ni
Unlike: sebab not a full size product haha

Ok tuje.. hehehe

p/s: skang tgh kecewa timesheet xde nak gaji nak gaji nak gaji nak gaji!!!!!!!!!! :((((((((


tash said...

for $10, those are super awesome!

Beauty Unbiased said...

I'm glad to see your blush swatch came out similar to mine...I thought I was doing something wrong!

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