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Friday, December 31, 2010

Sweety Pie..

This is an entry about my cute chocolate cuppy cake sweety apple pumpkin pie.. LOL.. :D


This is an entry about a cute girl that i never meet face to face.. :D
This is an entry about Hana Hadirah.. :D

This is her parents wedding picture..

A week before I came here and I am the bridesmaid..
And after about 3 month.. My cousin told me that she was pregnant.. AWESOME.. hehehee

*Hana Hadirah was once surprise the whole family when she didn't wanna move for 3 days in the 8th month of pregnancy. p/s: kalau tgk saiz badan mummy die, haha.. bleh agakla nape die xnak move.. sempit kot..hehe

Hana Hadirah was born in August 2010.
Here are some picture of her.. Taken when she was about 1 month old.. :D

*sebijik muke mummy die.. hehe

* mase baru2 lahir asek tido jeeeee... =_=" 

*Hana Hadirah (carried by her daddy) received "duit raye" from her hot untie.. hehe.. 

*With her mummy.. :D

*with my cousin(her mum), my mum and her nanny.. and also miss Jiha.. keke
 And here is the newest picture of her.. 5 month old..

* dah muke daddy die dah.. hehehe

*nice eyes cutie.. :D

*geramnyeeeee.. =_="
And the last one.. :D
*waaa cannot stand.. comel sgt

I wish you will be a good girl and success di dunia dan di akhirat.. :D denga cakap mummy n daddy k.. hehe..

Congrats to my cousin, Habibah bt Ismail and her husband, Huzairy Husin..

You're my hunnybunch sugar plum..
Pumpy.. umpy.. umpkin..
You're my sweetie pie..
You're my cuppy cake gumdrop.. Snoogums.. Boogums..
You're the apple of my eye..
And I love you so.. And I want you to know..
That I'll always be right here..
And I love to sing sweet songs to you..
Because you are so dear!
p/s: Hana nyanyi kat mummy and daddy nnti k... 


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