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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The other side..

Ok this gonna be funny.. =.="

But.. this is a real story..

I was crying, all the way to Rand!

Not because:
    ~My boyfriends left me (refer to previous post)
    ~Fail exam (nauzubillah)
    ~Fight with my friend (mintak jauh jugak)
    ~Sick (ni pon xnak)
    ~Lost something (=.=")

But because:
   ~It is almost two weeks...
   ~That I..
   ~Craving for...
   ~BUFFET at Best OF Indiaaaaaa...
  ~Dreaming of Tandoori drumstick.. :(
   ~Ingt nak pegi hari ni tp..
   ~Nah amek lagu penantian by kertas:

Sebab2 xdpt pegi india:
   ~bangun lambat..
   ~Villa xde..
   ~Kete dah penuh.. 

Ok this whole post doesn't make sense.. tp.. That is the other side of me.. :D.. Pade ak.. kalau craving and menangis for food lagi worth it compare to nanges sbb boyfriend... HHAHAHAHA.. Every person have their own demand.. But, for me.. demand paling penting is food.. When i am hungry, just fill me with food.. pastu confirm dah x bad mood.. tp kalau craving.. memang i demand for it.. LOL.. xpe2.. i can stand lagi walaupun td dah crying.. sebab somehow we have to help our friend first then fulfill my demand.. ni la yang mak ak worried sgt pasal ak.. sebab bleh menangis because of food.. =.=" funny! Ok.. Thanks korang sbb layan post mengarut ni... HAHAHA.. mane ade post ak x mengarut.. tp xpe.. haha..



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