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Monday, March 5, 2012

Aini's Babies

My roommate Aten went to smoky mountain cabin this morning and Aini already left for big apple last night. So i'm alone now in my apartment and waiting for my wifes to come home on Thursday LOL. Aini left me with her babies to take care off hahaaa.. PINKBERRY and BLUEBERRY II and she also asked me to feed them 1-2 times a day haha.. But since i have short term memory loss, i asked her to leave me notes around the house and the notes that i was expecting sound like this:

"ABELLL!!! Bagi pinkberry and blueberry II makan kalau x siap ko hahaha"
but instead.. i found 7 notes at varies place in my house with instructions to feed her babies and some love messages for me.. LOL

First Note: bathroom mirror (*since this is the place for me to "tilik2" muke everyday LOL)

2nd Note: Bathroom Door (*so that nak mandi je prasan kene bg pinkberry and blueberry II makan :D)

3rd Note: Aini's Room Door (*so that kalau lalu nak pegi ruang tamu je mesti nampak)

4th Note: Kitchen Cabinet (* so that kalau nak makan je ingt pinkberry and blueberry II x makan lagi hahaha)

5th Note: Our House Door (* so that tak tinggalkan pinkberry and blueberry II lapa time klua berjam2 hahaha)

6th & 7th Note: Pinkberry's and Blueberry II's cute room (*instruction to feed them hehehe)

Haha comel je aini LOL.

and here they are,  pinkberry and blueberry II :) they have grown up a lot. :))

to aini, mimie, wani, dillot and aliya.. have a safe trip to NYC. Nanti next time kite pegi same2 pulakkk :) and to aten and budak2 yang pegi cabin, have a safe trip too.. and also for my friends yang pegi snowboarding and ASB.. have funnnn!! :D 

me duduk sini kumpul duit banyak2 haha.. 

Lots of love.. ~abel~


pianissimo said...

LOL comel gila aini! hahahhahaa xD

pianissimo said...

haha comel gila aini!! wahahaha

-mira kamal

aten_abel said...

Kannnn hahaha kalau org bg gula2 amek pastu lari lolll

Mimie said...

comel gilaaaa aini buat notes byk2 hahahaha

aten_abel said...

agak banyakla smpai ak x failed bg baby due ekor ni makan haha

Little Fish said...

hahahahahaha. this is waaay too awesome !

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