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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cute Little Spring Picnic

Spring break.. so picnic wajib.. hehe
Since kitorg xde nak buat pape pun cuti ni and untuk merehat2kan minda sambil makan2, adilah, irfan, zaki, ijat napi and me picnic kat parthenon. Usually ramai je yang join but since sume org pun xde and today macam the last day cuace elok (*tomorrow thunderstorm ), so we decided to picnic today.. xsempat nak tunggu others balek.. hehe.. it was just a simple picnic at parthenon, menu pun simple2.. only roti sardin telur, bubur sumsum and adilah's baklava.. tp sedap2 :) here are some pictures that i took during picnic this evening :)

Awan sngt cantik today.. My friends said rase macam dekat greece haha, mcm zeus nak turun dalam percy jackson lol.. 

My pretty little friend, adilah, was eating bubur sumsum haha..

Picnic2 :3

Ok irfan pijak taik itik yeakss... T_T



Pas balek picnic pegi greenhills with adilah and irfan, masuk nordstrom try match foundation kat MAC pastu amek sample foundation mahal hahaa..

Happy happy happy!! :D



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