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Friday, March 9, 2012


Ok dah habis bace everneath by brodi ashton...

This book wasn't very interesting but i didn't know why i couldn't put it down.. hmm.. i actually bought this book because the review was good and the cover is pretty. and this book was an adaptation from the story of the Underworld Lord, Hades who abducted a girl named Persephone. and also an adaptation of Orpheus and Eurydice. mythology.  u guys probably have heard the stories about them.

Cantik kan cover die haha..

so buku ni xdela too bad tp xdela best sgt.. sedang2 je for me.. overall ok la since this is the first novel that brodi ashton wrote. this book kene ade sambungan although xde cakap lagi buku ni ade smbungn ke x.. kalau xde memang kecewa gile.. T_T ok penat bace buku kene tunggu second book.. T_T.. I dont highly recommend this book tp kalau rase nak hilang stress and nak bace this kind of genre, belila.. tp dont buy a hard cover. not worth it. just a paperback will do. kalau ade kawan yang dah ade just borrow it from them. :)

Next: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (*macam sedih je)
Trailer for the book:

*apparently xbace this book lagi ingtkan nak read this one first but then i am all crazy for dystopian genre that i couldn't put myself in lovey dovey romance book situations.. haha



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