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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

And with my body i thee honor..

I've finished reading the first book in All Souls Trilogy, "A Discovery of Witches" and now is suffering because i have to wait four months for "Shadow of Night".. the expected publication is on 10th July 2012.. EXPECTED! EXPECTED! EXPECTED!!???

hopefully die klua on july.. please don't postpone the publication date :((.. haihhh..

So this is a simple review for this awesome book..

I bought this book in the first place because the review at goodreads were good and the rating was quite high. And this book worth every penny T_T. Best sgt. And now menyesal sebab beli buku ni before second book kluar T_T. tp i didn't noticed actually that the second book x publish lagi :(.. i taught dah klua tu yg relax je beli.. sebab ni la x suke beli trilogy books yang x habis klua lagi menderita nak tunggu :(

  Okay stop all the complaint and lets continue with the review. The beginning and middle part of this book was quite slow until the real battle began. When the battle between all the creatures yang jahat2 tu and matthew clairmont ngn Diana Bishop began, the story became more and more interesting and when i was reading this part, i had exams T_T!!!.. and i barely could put it down T_T.

   Diana Bishop was a descendant of Bridget Bishop (*kononnyela kan but Bridget Bishop really existed actually). Bridget Bishop was the first person executed with witchcraft during Saleem witch trials, 1692. Haa..  (*click on her name for further details).

Diana Bishop tried to avoid witchcraft in her everyday life and she really didn't know how to control her power. Matthew Clairmont plak was a vampire who had lived for more than 1500 years T_T. As usual, vampires are stunning. haha.. Matthew Clairmont followed Diana closely at first because he wanted the long lost bewitched enchanted alchemical manuscript that diana unearthed. but then he suddenly felt in love with diana and loved between different creatures were forbidden. Dari situ la semuanya bermula. :D The war was not only for love, but also to discover the mystery of Ashmole 782 (*the bewitched manuscript). 

This novel is not a simple "fighting for love vampires' and witches' tales. Deborah Harkness did her job very well and "A Discovery of Witches" was stunning. She is a professor of history at University of Southern California btw. No wonder her novel was very precised. The characters were very interesting and complex but not too ambitious. This book wasn't very complicated except for the alchemy parts, maybe because i'm not a historian haha. For that, i know that the writer did a lot of research while writing this book. I really recommend this book for Harry Potter's fans although i know this book obviously could not beat Harry Potter Series. hehe :D

~ She hunters makes: and of that substance hounds
Whose mouths deafe heaven, and furrow earth with wounds,
And marvaile not a Nimphe so rich in grace
To hounds rude pursuits should be given in chase
For she could turne her selfe to everie shape
Of swiftest beasts, and at her pleasure scape. ~


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