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Friday, March 16, 2012

Beauty Haul

Its been a while since i've done any shopping because i have to pay for the flight ticket. :( tp boleh balek malaysia so xpe HEHE

So last week gaji and this time i didn't hesitate.. dah habis baya duit ticket so skang boleh shopping :D.. dah lame xshopping.. last time kat california.. :(

Ok so i bought beauty products either skincare or makeup.. next gaji beli baju baru lak.. ok.. so below are the products that i bought:

1) Maybelline color tattoo: tough as taupe and bold gold
2) Loreal Infallible: Bronzed taupe

from left, tough as taupe, bronzed taupe and bold gold

I really recommend this 3 products.. warne cantik + die tahan lame. people said that the maybelline color tattoo is a close dupe to mac paint pot. i'm not really sure since i never used mac paint pot before, but these products are really good. :D

3) Tarte Eyelash Curler (*including tarte lights, camera lashes!)

eyelash curler tu best and mascara tu is my favorite weehooo.. 

4) Sephora Makeup remover
Ok x suke.. Too oily and it is not really effective to remove your foundation. but it does work well for a waterproof eye makeup.  

5) Pretty pop eyeshadow: pretty punk

Ok eyeshadow ni murah tp x worth it. i mean, you can get a better product with your money. die macam very powdery hmm.. 

6) Pixi: Pretty eye prefection 
yang ni pun murah, and not really OKAY. but better than pretty pop.. powdery jugak.. T_T

7) Lorac Baked Matte Satin Eyeshadow: Insider 

 Best! Powder eyeshadow tp x powdery and warne die cantik, tp kalau blend too much nampak macam kene tumbuk hahaha.. tp lawa seyes lawa

8) Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush: Peach Satin
Blair said that this is not a really good cream blush and you can find a better drugstore blush out there. But for me, I think this blush is okay since the price wasn't very expensive. Nantila kalau ade duit beli yang Illamasqua punye cream blush hehe.. 

Swatches: Left, Dream bouncy blush, Right, Lorac Satin eyshadow

9) Lancome Tonique Radiance and Creme Radiance
I love lancome because the products are really good although the they are quite pricey but then they worth every penny. haha.. p/s: look at the detail of the tonique radiance bottle cap, stunning

Another reason why i love lancome so much because they give out a lot of deluxe samples that you can try out.. ok so below are stuffs that i got from lancome. 

Lancome activating youth concentrate (7 days punye bekalan lol).. dude ni pun dah banyak kot.. seyes lol

Lancome Juicy Tube in simmer.. my god lip gloss sample besa camni cukup untuk beberape lame. i dont wear makeup everyday kot especially lip gloss.. lip gloss this big boleh tahan berbulan-bulan.. HAHA BAHAGIA

Ni sume pun sample... BAHAGIA SGT NIII.. ok.. dari kiri: creme mousse comfort (cleanser for dry skin - 60mL), Bi Facil (makeup remover - 30mL), Hypnose Doll Lashes Mascara, Youth Activating Concentrate (0.25oz), and genifique eye (eye cream - 0.25 oz, cukup besa untuk eye cream).. OK so sample die besa2 T_T terharuuu.. :(

Last but not least, eyeshadow T_T... eyeshadow lancome besa gini sample.. big enough.. HUARGHHH

Sebenanye lagi excited dpt sample dari dapat bende yang beli tu LOLLL.. oh tapi sample2 ni dpt kalau time ade promotion je.. but then.. slalu je lancome buat promotion.. 

10) March Glam Bag.. 

Tudiaa.. hehe.. spring punye theme.. yeyyyy..

the first item is blending brush and brush case.. comellll pink2 arghhh.. stress.. 

From left, keracolor color enhancing leave-in treatment sample, murad eye lift perfector sample, pur lisse daily moisturizer sample and $25 dermstore gift card when you spend $50.. yesss nak beli makeup brush ngan jemma kidd dewy glow radiance cream weeheee

Lastly, Pur Lip comfort.. die macam oil untuk bibir, to comfort dry, chaped and cracked lips. I have tried the body shop punye product yang almost the same as this one and i really like it.. so maybe yang ni pun okay lagi2 time spring ni bibir mulelah nak kering2.. good2.. :D

mule2 ingt nak stop glambag sebab xbg makeup.. kalau smpai april xbg makeup ingt nk stop but then i'm quite happy with this month glambag sebab dpt blending brush, lip comfort tu ngn $25 gift card.. so macam x stop je haha.. 

Ok tu je yang i shopping.. haha.. ok skang kene duduk diam2 smpai next gaji masuk lol..

p/s: berjaye makeupkan aini smalam.. bahagiaa..



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